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The princess sits steadily on her throne; although aware it is not hers to rule on. She stares out the window, her eyes searching. Her long, purple hair cascades down her side, falling gracefully to the floor. She stands and walks to the tall stained-glass window, looking out at the city lights.
"Where are they..." she mutters condescendingly. Two small fairies appear alongside the princess out of thin air. One has curly, white hair with a long blue dress. The other has short, red hair with a similar dress, only in a pink hue.  The princess pays no attention to her subordinates. "Princess. We must stop this search now." One fairy says gently. The princess tilts her head to the side to get a better earshot of her fairies' voices. "I don't believe you have authority over anything I do." She snaps back. The white-haired fairy backs down cowardly as the other one comes to step in. "'Tis no way to treat a kingdom, might I add," she says hardily. The princess turns her head to the doorway, suddenly distracted by foot steps coming from outside. As the door opens, the princess pays close attention to who may appear in her presence. A glint of silver shines through the doorway, even in the dark shadows of night. In an instant, the princess sits back in her chair, focusing back on the window in front of her. Her fairies disappear, not to be seen by wandering eyes. The person marches in loudly, their boots stomping harshly on the carpeted floor.
"Princess! What is this?!"  A male voice projects, ringing off the walls of the room. the princess makes no comment to the boy; she only stares out the window. The boy appears at her side in no time. A gentle touch appears on the princess's shoulder. His hand is cold, felt even through the gloves he wears. "How could you ban magic?" he asks, suddenly softer. The princess turns her head slowly to examine the expression of the boy. Her cold, gleaming, red eyes nearly look straight through his expression. He looks like a young adult, dressed in a guardsman's uniform. His short, silver hair is pointy; as if the bottom was cut at odd ends on purpose. He looks more worried now, his solemn expression giving way under the princess nearly too easily. She smiles at his stupidity. "It is quite simple, I am ruler, and I should hold all power. I do not believe people anywhere under the aristocratic line of government should have rights such as magic." She says harshly, shrugging the man's hand from her shoulder. He sighs deeply. A knock on the door interrupts whatever the man was about to say to her. He turns his head as a maid cracks open the door and peeps in.
"'Mam? Um... lord Sazuri has agreed to come in and speak to you," The maid says gently. The princess turns her head dramatically towards the door. "Lord?! That is a ridiculous name for someone of his caliber," the princess grimaces. The maid turns away from the door, stepping back for a brief moment. "I can send for him later, although he may not want to talk anymore." The maid says gently. The princess quickly reassesses herself. "No, no, bring him in," the princess says, looking desperate to see the boy. The person with her now is pushed aside, forgotten from existence. "You may leave," the princess says to him lazily, as she turns away once more. He sighs as he steps out, replaced by a slightly taller, but overall same aged boy. Before the silver-haired boy completely disappears, he glances over at the new boy and smiles for a short second, just long enough for the new boy to see it .The new boy has navy blue hair down to his shoulders, tied in a loosely formatted pony tail. He looks like he hasn't slept in days; bags appear under his eyes. He has bandages covering his wrists and hands. Blood still stains them; a cold reminder of his painful past.  The princess lets out a small grin as he walks in. the door seals closed behind them.  The stranger doesn't take another step closer. He leans against the door as the princess examines him.
"It appears you had a safe travel here Sazuri," the princess says as she turns her body around in the chair. Sazuri puts his hands in his pockets. He turns around and curves his hand around the door handle. "Wait, Sazuri," the princess says softly. Sazuri pauses, turning around abruptly. "What now," he asks crudely. "I have a proposition for you." The princess says, crossing her legs and smiling. Sazuri sighs. "Am I getting paid this time?" he asks. She smiles at him. "We'll see," she says cleverly. Sazuri turns around as she begins to explain his task. "You will look for the last remaining fairies in this region and eradicate them. If you bring them back here, I will make them my trusted slave-servants," the princess says fondly. Sazuri frowns at her. "I refuse," he says strongly. The princess pauses. "Are you positive?" she asks. "Yes," Sazuri says with an agitating voice.  The princess stands to her feet and walks over to Sazuri with no hesitation. Sazuri doesn't move, even when he's pinned against a wall by the princess. His shoulder blades ache under the princess's pressure. She takes a knife from the strap around her waist and quickly presses it to his neck. He frowns. "Have you gone so low for me to expect this from you?" he asks. The princess smiles. "Just agree now so I don't have to kill you," the princess threatens. Sazuri shakes his head as he attempts to grab the razor from his neck. The princess pushes it farther in the more Sazuri tries to stop her. He grunts as crimson blood pours from his neck, drizzling all over both their clothes. The pain surges into his body, his breathing becoming scarcer the more breaths he takes. Sazuri's eyes burn red with fury, resembling his blood that had just seeped from his neck. The princess's eyes glow a similar red, only less furious and intimidating than Sazuri's. Sazuri slowly looses ability to pull the knife away from himself. His eyes flutter as he looks at the blood flowing from his neck.
His weight nearly topples the princess. She moves in closer to keep the knife lodged in his neck. "Sakuya... what... the hell?" Sazuri mutters, looking at her with a twisted expression of pain on his face. Sakuya turns her head away to hide her reaction from Sazuri. Sazuri slowly lifts his hand to the knife and wraps it around the princess's. The cold presence of Sazuri's hand on the princess's surprises her. Sazuri's other hand curves around the large, wooden door's handle and grips it securely. He glares at the princess with the last of his energy. "So this is what you planned all along..." he coughs. The princess pushes the knife deeper into his throat. "Obey me. If you apologize now, I may let you have a funeral," The princess hisses. "I'm... dying... I c-cant talk..." Sazuri points out, loosing consciousness as he falls to the floor. The large thud of Sazuri's body alert several people outside of the room. As someone begins to open the door, Sazuri curls into a ball on the floor while covering his face. Blood quickly stains the carpet and his clothing. Sazuri painfully removes the knife from his throat and conceals it within his blood-drenched t-shirt. Everyone floods in, hording around Sazuri the first chance they get. The princess lies back, taking out a small tissue to wipe a drop of blood from her cheek. She grins at her wonderful work, staring at Sazuri's seemingly lifeless body. A maid rests her arm on Sazuri as she tries to help him up. He shakes her head as he tries to stand on his own. His attempt fails. He has lost too much blood to maintain consciousness. As Sazuri crashes back onto the floor, seconds from the inevitable unconsciousness, he pulls the knife from his shirt. Everyone looks at him wide-eyed. He looks up at the princess, trying to hide behind the group of people.
"Move," Sazuri seethes. The maid tightens her grip around Sazuri's arm. "No, I will never move," she argues. Sazuri pries the maid's hand from his body. He kneels on the floor, his throat screaming for air. He stares through the people at the princess once more. He slings the knife between his fingers artistically as he throws it to her. The knife flies through the people. It continues, until it reaches the princess. A shrill scream adds to the chaos of an already wounded person.  For a second, everyone pauses, standing in awe. Everyone stops as one person speaks. "The princess needs medical care!" a trustworthy maid screams. Everyone churns into a frenzy. People quickly carry the princess out as Sazuri receives second-hand care. Sazuri is carried to a less decent clinic. He sighs as they lug his nearly useless body to the nurse.


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